Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine- RC-1
Engine Power                                                                                       4.8 kw (Japan Honda Petrol Engine)
Cutting Linear Velocity (Vmax)                                                             63 m/s
Cutting Time: Rail of 60 kg/m                                                              ≤ 90 sec
Grinding Wheel Size                                                                            ∅400×∅32×4
Squareness Tolerance                                                                            ≤ 0.5 mm
Flatness Tolerance                                                                                    ≤ 0.35 mm
Total Weight                                                                                             39.5 kg
The Cutting Section is leveling and smooth without blue spot


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About us

Rail Sanat Karan engineering service company established in 2008 by the group of experienced managers, engineers and specialists of  Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Organization. Through these years Rail Sanat Karan has handled projects in field of railroad tracks superstructure and rolling stock of different sizes.

Currently, Rail Sanat Karan is engaged in three main areas including contracting projects, trading and production.

This company has succeeded in obtaining the knowledge-based approval number 11/51158 from the esteemed Science and Technology Vice-Presidency in the field of production of thermite welding kits on 11/29/2017.